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The Analogues

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Stephen Espinosa
Just discovered you while searching YouTube for a Beatle's recording of A Day in the Life. Everything about your performances is exquisite! Vocals, all the musicians excellent! So glad to find you!

Mark Wise
i found you on Google Play music because im a huge Beatles fan and a bit of a musician myself I had to listen and oh my WOW I am GOD SMACKED you guy's the amazing thank you! for the hard work and dedication it shows

Manuel Rodriguez

Tehsin Nayani
One month after experiencing The Analogues at the London Palladium for the very first time, I am still in absolute awe of their meticulous recreation of the Fabs' sound ... also, their charming and engaging stage presence. I applied for the Abbey Road concert at the end of the month but was not successful ... I would just like to say if there is anyone fortunate to have a ticket but is not able to make it, I would be more than happy to take your place at the shortest of notice (I am based in London) ... Abbey Road is probably my favourite album and to see The Analogues performance it 'there' would certainly be a thrill ...

Christian Velasquez
I found this band about three months ago and can't stop listening. I live in Chicago and would like to see them live. You are the best!!!

Michael Gödde
Hello, I´ve seen the Analogues in Cologne, 27 March 2019 and it was the most beautiful concert, I´ve ever seen. It sounds like the 4 Four and these guys are so incredible...its hard to discribe. It is not a simple coverband. These musicians are great Artists and I am sure, George and John will smile in heaven… while listening their Music. Thank you for reborning the Beatles. Please: Make it real and play the following song from Lennon: Give Peace a Chance. Thank you very much, success. Dank U well.

Jan Hoekstra
Mensen hebben een mening, vinden er iets van. Maar wat doet het er toe. The Analogues en hun ietwat uit de hand gelopen hobby spelend met de techniek en instrumenten van "toen". Dit is geen coverband. Dit is origineel! Het enige wat ze doen is het spelen van muziek geschreven en gespeeld door The Beatles. En "het enige" wat ze doen, doen ze op een ongelooflijk, originele, geweldige manier. Wat voel ik mij "rijk" ze hebben zien spelen in Bremen (The White Album) en de grootste verrassing........... aanwezig mogen zijn bij de opname's van Abbey Road in de Abbey Road Studio's. Ik kan niet wachten................ Jongens, alle lof mbt jullie wijze van aanpak. Muziek begint waar woorden tekort schieten.

Anthon Greevelink
Everytime I (°1962) listen to The Beatles something happens .... same when hearing/watching The Analogues ... something beyond words .... The Beatles are one of the kind ...... The Analogues are pretty pretty close to them. Coverband ? Come on ! You must be joking :-)

Scott Creedon
Please come to the USA. You have the best Beatles outfit, of any here in the US. No costumes, great brass and string backgrounds. America needs you!

José Antonio Vergara
Thank you for your Magical Mystery Art of making The Beatles alive again! Warm greetings from Chile, South America

Chris Chris
Hallo, ab wann wird es das White Album als DVD zu kaufen geben?

Gordon Spencer
Hello I found you on you tube, I would dearly love to see you live, unfortunately for me I'm disabled and need a carer with me. I am from the merseyside area, and would love to see you live here in merseyside. Being disabled makes it harder to obtain tickets, purely because while you can clearly see the marked seating arrangements it doesn't give you the disabled areas to choose from where there is wheelchair parking.

Gordon Spencer
Hello I found you on you tube, I would dearly love to see you live, unfortunately for me I'm disabled and need a carer with me. I am from the merseyside area, and would love to see you live here in merseyside. Being disabled makes it harder to obtain tickets, purely because while you can clearly see the marked seating arrangements it doesn't give you the disabled areas to choose from where there is wheelchair parking.

Graham Keal
We had such a wonderful time watching your White Album show at the London Palladium. I had high hopes that it would be spectacularly good, but you were even better than I could have hoped. It was an exhilarating, unforgettable experience. I've been a Beatles fan since their TV debut in 1962 on a regional TV show called 'Scene at 6.30'. You might be interested in a feature article I wrote a few years ago about a TV film revealing the Beatles' influence in the USSR. Here's a link to it: I have already applied for your newsletter, with fingers crossed for the Abbey Road at Abbey Road concert recording. Keep up the superb work!

L. B.
Thank you, guys, for doing what you do.......and doing it soooo good, with much love and respect for the originals. The Offenbach concert was simply wonderful, the "Capitol" is a perfect location. I had a splendid time and felt like in my teenage years, goose bumps all over and tears of joy in my eyes. What a thrill! Please come back soon!!!

Bernard Meulman
Best thing that happens to The Beatles is The Analogues!!

John en Carla Bartels Bartels
It was fantastic to have been at The London Palladium during the performance of The Analogues. In the afternoon we saw the first truck at the artists' entrance and when we came in the evening it was already quite full. We have had nice conversations with other fans from the Netherlands and new fans from abroad. This is (for now) the last time to see The White Album again, we can't get enough. The Palladium is a beautiful theater and of course we were once again at the front of the room. The audience was enthusiastic from the start and the varied performance of The Analogues ensures that your eyes and ears are short. The constant changing of instruments and the indispensable contributions of the orchestra is interesting to see. The audience is enthusiastic about the pair of piano notes that Allard adds to Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, the blackbird whistle at the end of Blackbird, the violin by Bungalow Bill, the wind instruments and versatile percussion. Together with the original videos and the impressive film by Jaap Drupsteen with the song Revolution no.9, it provides an overwhelming experience.Merijn van Haren again has a strong vocal contribution during the songs he sings and Bart, BART IS THE EGGMAN, BART IS THE WALRUS, go go g'joob !! Finally, Felix Good Night sings and the other band members stand together like a choir, the orchestra at full strength in the background and you are once again completely blown out of your shoes as beautiful as it all is. The encores are loudly sung and Golden Slumbers is a preview for the next show Abbey Road and Let it Be. What an experience, we are still enjoying and how we look forward to the next concert, Antwerp in september. Thanks Analogues, I bow deeply for you. John en Carla

Richard Porter
I saw you at the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool, and at the London Palladium. I have seen about 100 Beatles bands in 35 years, and your shows were definitely in the top 2!!! Your re-creation of the Beatles music is flawless. Please come back to the UK soon!

mark antony
Your performance at the London Palladium on Saturday was without any doubt the most perfect musical tribute to the Beatles that I've ever heard/seen- it was simply incredible on all levels, and the attention to getting every small detail correct was/is astounding. As a fellow musician who has also studied this music for over half a century all I can say is- THANK YOU ! It's extremely rare in this digital age to witness such beautiful fidelity to the original sounds generated by those four gifted individuals. I salute you, you are my new heroes. By the way, I met your drummer's soccer friend at the Palladium and we had a lovely chat.... I would dearly love to see/hear you at Abbey Road, but I realise it's highly unlikely because of limited space. You could always stick me in some cupboard somewhere. The very best wishes for the band and your amazing crew. ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE !

Patrick Burke
I'm a terrific fan after having stumbled across the youtube video of your Sgt. Pepper performance. I'm SO glad to see this music reproduced live as faithfully as you have done. It's really intriguing, for instance to see all the instruments it took to produce a work like Pepper all on the same stage in a single performance. I'm a singer/songwriter and have just finished, after a year and a half of meticulous work an album written and recorded in the Beatles genre. I'd love to send you a copy if you can point me to an address where you receive your fan mail. Thank you for your incredible work. cheers! Patrick Burke 503-810-8530 text/voice