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The Analogues

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Hallo Jan, wij wensen je een spoedig herstel, gr Izaäk en Age uit Berlikum.

Stefan T. Sztybel
GOOD DAY SUNSHINE! . You guys are great, taking the music we all so love to yet another level & truly bring it back to life without all that mania bullcrap! . Thank you so much, my brothers! . BRAVO ! . Keep up the good work! . Looking forward to THE WHITE ALBUM & the others to follow! . CHEERS! . Can't wait to see & hear you in person! . When are you coming to Orlando, Florida? . Love my brothers, LOVE ! . OLA DE OB LA DA LIFE GOES ON !

jeff allen
When are you landing at JFK to invade America! Seriously, you could start a Broadway show performing multiple days a week. On the days where you are not performing, you could train some very talented NYC musicians to use your equipment so that the show can last forever and ever and, of course, a neverending revenue stream for you! p.s. Google "The Fab Faux" !