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John Hoar
Very impressed with the way the music/sound totally replicates what was actually recorded by the Beatles. Closing your eyes and very hard not to believe it’s not them performing,well done from an original Beatles Club member

Colin Botterman
Thanks for a brilliant show last night. You made the Palladium rock again. Great mix of music in the set. Come back soon.

Stuart Nicholls
Another absolutely brilliant Analogues gig at the London Palladium last night. The standard and attention to detail is so high that it becomes an emotional experience! Good to see Jan on hand to deal with the 'loud McCartney' tracks, but sorry not to see Fred behind the drum kit - is he okay??

Roger Niven
Blown away by your Palladium gig last night. We travelled from Inverness, to see you and will come again. But Scotland needs you too!

Philip Mazur
Front row seats at the London Palladium last night, for my third time of seeing you live, and I have to say you just keep getting better. In terms of the Palladium you are one of the best live acts I've ever seen there! Thank you and please come back soon!

Bill Hennessey
What a terrific show you gave us all in Manchester last night. Been watching you guys on YouTube for years but seeing you live was a rare treat. Great set list and great musicians at the top of their game. Please come back to Manchester soon.Bravo.

Ed Harris
Brilliant show in Manchester last night. This was the first time I’d seen you live and I was blown away. Amazing performances from all the musicians and the attention to detail is fantastic. Look forward to seeing you again on your next tour.

Philip Clover
Ab Fab Brilliant performance in Birmingham last night.What is unique about you all is the separation mix to enable every intonation, every nuance of every instrument and vocals to be heard as if one is listening in the studio.That's what I loved about the later years creations. Better than even the Macca concerts I have enjoyed over the years. Top Class. A bit of feedback though. The gig was not well publicised.Next time get a few minutes on local radio to promote.(eg Paul Franks on BBC Radio WM interviews quite a few touring bands who play in Birmingham). No merchandise was on sale most disappointingly.... And even though I'm signed up for notifications, I didn't receive any notification on the dates in Manchester, Birmingham and London UK although Beatles Week 2023 promotedThe Analogues and The Fab Four to the hilt. I only found out by accident .I did my bit to educate the people around me who had come along with no idea what The Analogues were about. They expected to see the wigs and full gear...!! Needless to say they LOVED the show and will be checking out YouTube!! A SPLENDID TIME WAS GUARANTEED FOR ALL!! Thank you all.

Charlie Allison
I was hoping to go down to London for your Palladium concert but circumstances (and travel/hotel costs) have made this impossible. Please try to come to Scotland where you will receive a great welcome, a wonderful travel experience and find the Beatles came here quite a lot in their private & professional lives. I do have all your DVDs by the way. Oh finally is Fred OK? I saw a different drummer in videos from Liverpool.

Peter Ryan
The stunning authenticity of their reproductions of the beatles catalogue is a lighthouse to the future. When the old original artists have passed on to the studio of the universe, groups like The Analogues will be our medium to the richness of the past. If it is logistically possible it would be beyound great to see you in Australia.

Frank Bales
I was 15 in 1964 when the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, so you know the impact their music had on my life. The Analogues stunned me with their authenticity. I know it would probably be a logistic nightmare, but you really do need to tour in the USA (The Beatles did). You would make a fortune!

Chris Wittenbraker
Please come to the East coast of the United States!

Mick Mcgowan
To all the Analogues team a huge thank you for paying homage and preserving the spirit of the Beatles music in the elegant way you do, and for bringing it all to life and allowing us all to enjoy listening to their music the way it should be heard. Thank you. Mick Please come to Glasgow

Raymond Winterfield
Please come to Australia

Jerry Mallory
I am totally blown away by your approach to this project and it comes across so beautifully. I have a small sound company in the U.S. and I would love to see a behind the scenes video on how you setup and run your show. What kind of console do you use, how many channels are you using, what kind of microphones are you using and how many channels and mixes are you running on your monitor system. I hope you can do a tour of the NORTH AMERICA (U.S. / Canada & Mexico) very soon. One venue that you need to Perform in is the new SPHERE in Las Vegas which would be an EPIC life changing experience for both you and the audience. With the immersive audio system they have it would sound like everyone is wearing really good headphones and as far as the visual effects there aren’t any words that could possibly describe it. I am also a bass player and I would love to know some of the details about Bart’s basses especially the Fender Jazz Bass. I didn’t know that The Beatles used one in any of their songs. I thought that Paul only played the HOFNER or RICKENBACKER. I remember that John was playing a BASS VI on the Hey Jude video. Thanks for listening and all the best to you guys in the future. All the best. JERRY

Rod Fromenjay
Any plans to tour the US soon?

Steve Tracy
I never thought I'd hear a live rendition of "Because" in my lifetime that would really move me to tears. You guys was wonderful. I was 13 when The Beatles first appeared, and can truly say that together, you have really done them proud. How I'd love to see you down under in Australia. P.S. I want Bart's blue Rickenbacker :)

Jack Tiggleman
I also would love to see you in the United States. Especially in Grand Rapids, MI. There are two excellent places to do a concert: VanAndel Arena or DeVos Place. The latter has superb acoustics.

Philip Janson
Have you any plans to tour Sweden? Would love to see you in Malmö!

Lorry Norton
Oh please come to the United States! The Beatles did! You're better than any Beatles tribute band. If love to go to your concert!!!

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