13 original songs by the analogues

We have a day job: live renditions of those Beatles-albums that The Beatles themselves have never played live. After about eight years we dare to say that that is quite a serious operation. But during the two years of forced inactivity (caused by the pandemic), it turned out that we had already sorted out the complete post-1967 Beatles repertoire: mission accomplished. So there we were. All dressed up and nowhere to go... and how long would that take?

"It was fun making an album but at the same time quite unnerving with the thought of four guys constantly looking over our shoulders”.

"Say, what do you think of this?" Diederik asked, playing a few chords that actually sounded quite nice, especially with that half-finished melody line.
"Oh, I've got some too," said Felix.
“Wait, I also have a thing, listen to this,” Bart said.
It seemed like we had a few nice, sketchy ideas. Or rather: we turned out to have a mountain of music that demanded to be polished, expanded, refined and eventually... recorded.

That got a little out of hand. No, The Analogues Sideshow isn't our day job. And yes, we do understand we're not The Beatles, because when you're as engrossed in The Beatles as we are, it's clear they've produced something incomparable. But we still had a blast recording a bunch of songs we made ourselves, and we took it just as seriously. Reproducing The Beatles or making our own songs, it all stems from the same motivation: a love of music.